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Ground Improvement and Reinforced Soil Structures ; Proceedings of Indian Geotechnical Conference 2020 Volume 2

Publication year: 2022

ISBN: 978-981-16-1831-4

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This volume comprises the select proceedings of the Indian Geotechnical Conference (IGC) 2020. The contents focus on recent developments in geotechnical engineering for sustainable tomorrow. The volume covers the topics related advances in ground improvement of weak foundation soils for various civil engineering projects and design/construction of reinforced soil structures with different fill materials using synthetic and natural reinforcements in different forms.

Subject: Engineering, Geoengineering, Foundations, Hydraulics, Building Materials, Geotechnical Engineering & Applied Earth Sciences, Soil Behavior and Characterisation of Ground, Landslides and Slope Stability, Forensic Geotechnical Engineering, Developments in Ground Improvement, Geosynthetics and Reinforced Soil Structures, IGC20