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Analysis and Development of Sustainable Urban Production Systems

Publication year: 2022

ISBN: 978-3-030-76602-3

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Manufacturing of products in urban production sites is connected to unique potentials, yet also to specific challenges. Urban factories can provide functional diversity and contribute positive impacts to a city. The concept of urban production receives rising attention in research and industry and it is recognized in its interdisciplinary nature. With a holistic approach from both the urban perspective and the factory perspective, negative impacts can be minimized, positive effects enabled and mutually beneficial, symbiotic combinations created. The presented framework and methods for the evaluation and implementation of sustainable urban production systems allow the assessment of impacts and provide the means to control and utilize the unique strengths of urban factories for cities and industry. This will allow a structured derivation of methods and measures from the concept of urban production for producing enterprises and the urban stakeholders.

Subject: Engineering, Industrial and Production Engineering, Urban Economics, Urban production, Urban factories, Sustainable manufacturing, Sustainable urbanism, Urban development, Urban economics, Sustainable development