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Computational Electronic Circuits : Simulation and Analysis with MATLAB®

Publication year: 2022

ISBN: 978-3-030-75568-3

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This textbook teaches in one, coherent presentation the three distinct topics of analysis of electronic circuits, mathematical numerical algorithms and coding in a software such as MATLAB®. By combining the capabilities of circuit simulators and mathematical software, the author teaches key concepts of circuit analysis and algorithms, using a modern approach. The DC, Transient, AC, Noise and behavioral analyses are implemented in MATLAB to study the complete characteristics of a variety of electronic circuits, such as amplifiers, rectifiers, hysteresis circuits, harmonic traps and passes, polyphaser filters, directional couplers, electro-static discharge and piezoelectric crystals. This book teaches basic and advanced circuit analysis, by incorporating algorithms and simulations that teach readers how to develop their own simulators and fully characterize and design electronic circuits.

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