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Pro Windows PowerShell

Publication year: 2008

ISBN: 978-1-4302-0546-3

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Pro Windows PowerShell will show you how to use all this power in your own work. You'll discover the object–oriented features of the shell and how they help in extracting and manipulating data. You'll then learn how to use those features to solve real–world problems: manipulating files, working with text, monitoring systems, and performing operations over the network. The book serves as not only a tutorial, but also a reference: the “Real World” part is structured so that it can be read nonlinearly and used as a reference or a cookbook. And you'll find freely available tools and extensions that will help you do things even faster.

Subject: Professional and Applied Computing, .NET, PowerShell, UNIX, Windows, Windows PowerShell, language, operating system, programming, programming language, registry, scripting, Microsoft and .NET, Software Engineering, Programming and Operating Systems