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Pro NetBeans™ IDE 6 Rich Client Platform Edition

Publication year: 2008

ISBN: 978-1-4302-0439-8

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Pro NetBeans IDE 6 Rich Client Platform Edition is the second Apress book to cover the agile, open source NetBeans IDE platform. The book focuses on the new features of NetBeans 6 as well as what has changed since NetBeans 5.5, empowering you to be a more effective and productive developer. Enables you to click and use any of the Java Swing and other desktop Java graphical user interface (GUI) APIs available in Java SE 6 or prior Covers working with rich client platform features available in NetBeans for building web–based application front ends Shows you the web–tier development plug-ins available including JSF, Struts Action Framework 2.0, and JRuby for bringing the Ruby on Rails feature set to Java via NetBeans

Subject: Professional and Applied Computing, Debugging, Jruby, Java EE, REST, Ruby on Rails, Web Services, framework, Java, Software Engineering, Programming and Operating Systems