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Accelerated GWT : Building Enterprise Google Web Toolkit Applications

Publication year: 2008

ISBN: 978-1-4302-0616-3

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Ajax is a web development technique that takes advantage of JavaScript to display and interact dynamically with information embedded into a web page. Its emergence has made it possible to create web applications that closely resemble their desktop–based brethren. With this exciting new ability came several challenges; not only did developers have to learn JavaScript, but they were also forced to use inefficient development processes, not to mention deal with cross–platform and browser difficulties. But with the release of Google Web Toolkit (GWT), Java developers are able to continue using their favorite language to write powerful Ajax applications while using not only the Java language, but also the very same development tools they're already using on a daily basis!

Subject: Professional and Applied Computing, Ajax, Browser, Framework, Google, Java, JavaScript, search engine marketing (SEM), techniques, web development, Software Engineering, Programming and Operating Systems