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Social Capital and Health

Publication year: 2008

ISBN: 978-0-387-71311-3

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As interest in social capital has grown over the past decade—particularly in public health —so has the lack of consensus on exactly what it is and what makes it worth studying. Social Capital and Health presents the state of the debate, from definition to conceptualization, from effective measurement to real-world applications. The 21 contributors (headed by Ichiro Kawachi, a widely respected leader in the field, and including physicians, economists, and public health experts) discuss the potentials and pitfalls in current research, and salient examples of social capital concepts informing public health practice.

Subject: Medicine, Behavior, Disaster Preparedness, Economics, Ethnography, Health Communication, Human Development, Public Health, communication, Personality and Social Psychology, Sociology, Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, Epidemiology