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Pocket Guide to Critical Care Pharmacotherapy

Publication year: 2008

ISBN: 978-1-59745-488-9

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Pocket Guide to Critical Care Pharmacotherapy serves as a bedside medical reference, providing the unique element of supplying a step-by-step design that will guide clinicians in giving their patient optimal, evidence-based care. The text provides practical points based on both real patient-care experience and review of current medical literature while providing guidance to all critical care clinicians. By covering the most common ailments observed in critically ill medical patients and using an algorithmic, easy-to-follow, step-by-step approach focusing on pharmacotherapeutics clinicians with varying degrees of training will be able to follow along. Additionally, assessment tools (e.g., sedation assessment), preventative strategies (e.g., stress-related mucosal damage prophylaxis), drug-induced disease states, and pharmacological pearls (e.g. neuromuscular blockade reversal, adverse effects of blood transfusions, and propylene glycol content of various medications) are provided, along with up-to-date references and web-links for many disease states so clinicians who want to review the available literature are able to do so.

Subject: Medicine, Sepsis, Anemia, Care, critical care, Infectious disease, Intensive care medicine, Kinetics, Neurology, Nutrition, Pain, Pharmacotherapy, Shock, Steroids, Treatment, Intensive, Critical Care Medicine, Pharmacy, Emergency Medicine, Pain Medicine