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Pediatric Uroradiology

Publication year: 2008

ISBN: 978-3-540-33005-9

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This book describes in detail all aspects of pediatric uroradiology. While it is written primarily from the point of view of the radiologist, it includes essential information for the pediatrician, pediatric surgeon, and urologist. It is specifically designed to aid the clinician in decisions on imaging management. The newest techniques and the changing relevance of imaging and interventional procedures are presented, and the diverse problems associated with the changing anatomy, physiology, and pathophysiology from the newborn period to adulthood are explained. The whole spectrum of imaging features of agenesis, anomalies, dysplasia, parenchymal diseases, neoplastic diseases, stone disease, renal vascular hypertension, renal failure, renal transplantation, and genitourinary trauma is covered. Individual chapters are devoted to vesicoureteric reflux, urinary tract infection, upper urinary tract dilatation, voiding dysfunction, and neurogenic bladder.

Subject: Medicine, Fötus, Kleinkinder, Neugeborene, Anatomy, Child, Embryo, Embryology, Fetus, Infant, Infection, Kidney, Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), Pediatric nephrourologic intervention, Radiology, Urology