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Ocular Traumatology

Publication year: 2008

ISBN: 978-3-540-33825-3

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All aspects of ophthalmic trauma from the lid to the optic nerve of both mechanical and nonmechanical trauma are covered in this unique book. The focus is on practical issues and incorporates cutting-edge approaches, such as temporary keratosprosthesis, artificial iris diaphragm, and prophylactic retinectomy. This book explains and answers not simply the “when”, the “what”, and the “how”, but also the “why” questions. The information is based on epidemiologic and clinical data from evaluation to management.

Subject: Medicine, Birmingham Eye Trauma Terminology, Classification, Eye Injury, Mechanical Eye Injuries, Ocular Traumatology, Perforating Injuries, Prevention, Rehabilitation, Trauma, Ophthalmology, Emergency Medicine, Public Health, Epidemiology