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Il cancro e la ricerca del senso perduto = Cancer and the search for lost meaning

Publication year: 2008

ISBN: 978-88-470-1074-1

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Cancer disease can be approached with the aim of killing diseased cells or with that of making them go backwards on the road that leads from a state of natural equilibrium to the disease. This book tells an original research by the author inspired by this biological vision of cancer, research that led to the production and use of anticancer products. Inevitably, the history of research slips into a vision of the world and of life that presents the features of a documented critique of the values and priorities that characterize the world in which we live. A profound and human book, which makes you think, which makes you hope.

Subject: Humanities, Social Science and Law / Popular Science in Medicine and Health / Oncology / Internal Medicine / Cancer / Tumors / Neoplasms / Genetic Therapy / Personal Satisfaction / medicine / healt / science / oncologie