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Children and the Dark Side of Human Experience

Publication year: 2008

ISBN: 978-0-387-75626-4

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Synthesizing insights from psychology and philosophy with his own wide-ranging, first-hand experiences around the world, Dr. James Garbarino takes readers on a personalized journey into the dark side of human experience as it is lived by children. In these highly readable pages, Dr. Garbarino intertwines a discussion of children’s material and spiritual needs with a detailed examination of the clinical knowledge and experiential wisdom required to understand and meet complex developmental needs. Fusing anecdotal observations, empirical evidence, and an ecological perspective, he reveals a path to ensuring the fundamental human rights of all children: the right to safety, to equality, to economic parity, and to a meaningful life.

Subject: Behavioral Science, Child Abuse, Child Trauma, Corner, Displaced Children, Nation, Protecting Children, Social Environment, Trauma Recovery, development, environment, psychology, trauma