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Functional Imaging and Modeling of the Heart

Publication year: 2005

ISBN: 978-3-540-32081-4

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The FIMH conference was the ?rst attempt to agglutinate researchers from several complementary but often i- lated ?elds: cardiac imaging, signal and image processing, applied mathematics and physics, biomedical engineering and computer science, cardiology, radi- ogy, biology, and physiology. In the ?rst two editions, the conference received an enthusiastic acceptance by experts of all these communities. FIMH was ori- nally started as a European event and has increasingly attracted more and more people from the US and Asia. This edition of FIMH received the largest number of submissions so far with a result of 47 papers being accepted as either oral presentations or posters. There were a number of submissions from non-EU institutions which con?rms the growing interest in this series of meetings. All papers were reviewed by up to four reviewers. The accepted contributions were organized into 8 oral sessions and 3 poster sessions complemented by a number of invited talks. This year we tried to allocate as many papers as possible as oral presentations to facilitate more active participation and to stimulate multidisciplinary discussions.

Subject: Computer Science, 3D-imaging, MRI, Simulation, cardiac imaging, cardiac modeling, cardiology, classification, computed tomography (CT), heart modeling, learning, magnetocardiography, radiology, robot, therapy, ultrasound