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Adaptive and Natural Computing Algorithms

Publication year: 2007

ISBN: 978-3-540-71629-7

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The ICANNGA series of conferences has been organized since 1993 and has a long history of promoting the principles and understanding of computational intelligence paradigms within the scientifc community. the ICANNGA series has established itself as a reference for scientists and practitioners in this area. The series has also been of value to young researchers wishing both to extend their knowledge and experience and to meet experienced professionals in their ?elds. In a rapidly advancing world, where technology and engineering change d- matically, new challenges in computer science compel us to broaden the c- ference scope in order to take into account new developments.

Subject: Computer Science, Cluster, Processing, algorithms, biometrics, classification, computer vision, evolution, evolutionary computation, genetic algorithm, image processing, natural computing, neural network, optimization, robot, robotics