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Computational Intelligence in Economics and Finance

Publication year: 2007

ISBN: 978-3-540-72821-4

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Computational intelligence (CI), as an alternative to statistical and econometric approaches, has been applied to a wide range of economics and finance problems in recent years, for example to price forecasting and market efficiency. This book contains research ranging from applications in financial markets and business administration to various economics problems. Not only are empirical studies utilizing various CI algorithms presented, but so also are theoretical models based on computational methods. In addition to direct applications of computational intelligence, readers can also observe how these methods are combined with conventional analytical methods such as statistical and econometric models to yield preferred results.

Subject: Computer Science, Administration, Computational Intelligence, Forecasting, Fuzzy, Fuzzy Logic, Genetic Programming, Neural Networks, Self-Organizing Maps, Support Vector Machines, intelligence, learning, machine learning, modeling, organization, programming