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Challenges for Computational Intelligence

Publication year: 2007

ISBN: 978-3-540-71984-7

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Computational Intelligence (CI) is used as a name to cover many existing branches of science, with artificial neural networks, fuzzy systems and evolutionary computation forming its core. In recent years CI has been extended by adding many other subdisciplines and it became quite obvious that this new field also requires a series of challenging problems that will give it a sense of direction. Without setting up clear goals and yardsticks to measure progress on the way many research efforts are wasted.The book written by top experts in CI provides such clear directions and the much-needed focus on the most important and challenging research issues, showing a roadmap how to achieve ambitious goals.

Subject: Engineering, Statistica, artificial intelligence, behavior, calculus, cognition, combinatorial optimization, computational intelligence, control, intelligence, learning, model, neural networks, optimization, pattern recognition, programming