Assessments & Examinations

Students at Arab International University (AIU), receive assessments which are carried out through a set of quizzes, homework and activities. Written exams are set according to the nature of the course. All evaluations test and examinations are done according to the norms and standards set by the Ministry of Higher Education.

At the end of each semester, the students' final grade is given the following:

  • Percent Grade: Is the aggregation of all student sub-grades in the course during the semester.
  • Letter Grade: by converting the percent grade into equivalent Letter grade as shown in the following table.
  • Grade Point: Calculated from the Letter Grade as shown in the table. This grade has a value between [0-4], used to calculate the Student GPA in the semester.
  • Distinction: shows Student’s distinction in the course.

GPA: is a number between [0, 4], calculated as the weighted average of student grade points in all courses studies in a semester; where each course is weighted by its credit hours’ number.

AGPA (Accumulated GPA): is the weighted average of all student grade points in all courses studies by the student since he joined the faculty.



Grade Poin

Letter Grade

Percent Grade

     Honorable      4      A+      From 98 to 100
     3.75      A      From 95 to Bellow 98 
     Excellent      3.50      A-      From 90 to Bellow 95
     3.25      B+      From 85 to Bellow 90
     Very Good      3.00      B      From 80 to Bellow 85
     2.75      B-      From 75 to Bellow 80
     Good      2.50      C+      From 70 to Bellow 75
     2.25      C      From 65 to Bellow 70
     Pass      2.00      C-      From 60 to Bellow 55
     Conditional Pass      1.75      D+      From 55 to Bellow 60
     1.50      D      From 50 to Bellow 55
     Failed      0      F      Bellow 50