Authorization Form

In order to enable students who are unable to follow up their affairs within the university because of travel or for other reasons, the attached authorization form has been approved. Our registered university students can use it in order to authorize someone else to pursue the following issues:

  •     Register in semesters and courses.
  •     Postpone or freeze one semester or more. 
  •     Obtain documents and collect them from the university. 
  •    Withdraw from the university, receive student's documents and settle the financial status.

Authorization can be activated  by one of the following methods: 

  •     The student personally attends to the University, fills the form out, signs it, and hands it over to the Admissions employee.  
  •    The student fills the form out and sends it to the university along with a photocopy of their personal identity to the fax number:  (00963-11-6119340) or to the following email address:<>

We call on our students to adhere  to this form exclusively.