Scientific Research - Mission & Vision

Investment in scientific research is a necessity for development and innovation and the transition to a knowledge-based economy to narrow the scientific and technological divide between the developed societies and our society.
Arab International University (AIU) is to be a leader on the Syrian level in the localization of high technologies in Syria, and to develop them through the work in research and innovation and through the establishment of postgraduate programs in partnership with European partner universities to enable Syria to take place among the developed nations.

AIU aims at supporting scientific research to attract local expertise from the university academic staff and researchers from outside to work in research and innovation. AIU works to realize the link between the business sector, institutions, establishments,  industrial companies from public and private sectors and AIU in order to serve them and contribute to the economic, social, scientific and administrative development in the Syrian society.

The university seeks to open postgraduate studies in the various existing specialties at AIU and will provide the required environments for research and innovation, which in its turn would provide incubation for studies and research of postgraduate students. The presence of postgraduate studies would lead to an increase in the activities of scientific research and innovation at the university. Both research and postgraduate studies would be supportive of each other