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States of Consciousness

Publish Date: 2007

ISBN: 978-0-387-32758-7

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Consciousness has always been a particularly elusive concept and one vigorously argued in the scientific community. This new volume takes on the task of defining normal and altered consciousness in their most relevant clinical terms. In States of Consciousness, Andrzej Kokoszka expands on the pioneering work of J.H. Jackson, offering contemporary models for studying consciousness as it applies to both pathology and normal altered states, e.g., relaxation, sleep, meditation, and hypnosis. He makes clear distinctions between the neuroscientific and psychiatric components of consciousness; at the same time, his theories are rooted firmly in the biopsychosocial approach.

Subject: Behavioral Science, Mind, attention, cognition, diagnosis, freud, information processing, neuropsychology, psychiatry, psychoanalysis, psychology, social psychology