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Foundations of Atlas

Publish Date: 2006

ISBN: 978-1-4302-0175-5

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This book introduces a fast-track path to understanding Atlas, and how this technology can increase the power and functionality of your code while conserving time and effort. The book begins with a bare-bones introduction that explains how Atlas relates to Ajax. Microsoft Atlas is a web-client framework that makes building Ajax-style applications easier. It provides a prewritten framework that gives you a structured environment in which to work. Atlas also provides you with an object model and standardized debugging to make development faster and simpler. Ajax is a way of combining a number of Web technologies including JavaScript, dynamic HTML, and a feature known as XMLHttp (which reduces the need for client browsers to constantly reconnect to the server every time new information is downloaded). But at the moment, people developing with Ajax have to write their code from the ground up, which is complex and time consuming.

Subject: Professional and Applied Computing, .NET, ASP.NET, Ajax, Debugging, HTML, JavaScript, Middleware, XML, browser, collaboration, development, framework