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Beginning Visual C# 2005 Express Edition

Publish Date: 2006

ISBN: 978-1-4302-0167-0

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Wright took the same approach with this book that he did with the VB titles, and inside you'll find a fast–paced guide to the essentials to get you programming fast. You'll learn the C# language and the tools Visual C# 2005 Express provides. He covers everything from simple console programs to code that talks to the Internet, and even how to write your own database programs. Whatever your reasons for wanting to learn to program with C#, this book will get you where you want to be quickly, and hopefully with a smile on your face. So dive in and change the way you use computers forever.

Subject: Professional and Applied Computing, .NET, C#, Visual Basic, Visual C#, Windows, XML, databases, language, object orientation, programming, user interface