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True Visions

Publish Date: 2006

ISBN: 978-3-540-28974-6

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Written for the non-specialist seeking an authoritative but accessible overview of this interdisciplinary field, True Visions explains how the devices making up the AI world will operate collectively using information and intelligence hidden in the wireless network connecting them. Expert contributions address key AI components such as smart materials and textiles, system architecture, mobile computing, broadband communication, and underlying issues of human-environment interactions. It seeks to unify the perspectives of scientists from diverse backgrounds ranging from the physics of materials to the aesthetics of industrial design as it describes the emergence of ambient intelligence, one of today’s most compelling areas of innovation.

Subject: Physics and Astronomy, Computing platforms, Human factors, Nano- and Microelectronics, User-centered design and engineering, ambient intelligence, artificial intelligence, communication, computational intelligence, electronics, information, intelligence, material, physics, sensor, smart environment