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Spectral Methods

Publish Date: 2006

ISBN: 978-3-540-30726-6

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Since the publication of "Spectral Methods in Fluid Dynamics", spectral methods, particularly in their multidomain version, have become firmly established as a mainstream tool for scientific and engineering computation. While retaining the tight integration between the theoretical and practical aspects of spectral methods that was the hallmark of the earlier book, Canuto et al. now incorporate the many improvements in the algorithms and the theory of spectral methods that have been made since 1988. The initial treatment Fundamentals in Single Domains discusses the fundamentals of the approximation of solutions to ordinary and partial differential equations on single domains by expansions in smooth, global basis functions.

Subject: Physics and Astronomy, Compressible Flows, Fourier Approximation, Galerkin Approximation, High-Order Methods, Incompressible Flows, Numerical Analysis, Numerical integration, Scientific Computing, Spectral Algorithms, Spectral Methods, Spectral Multigrid Methods, Stability, fluid dynamics