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Oculoplastics and Orbit

Publish Date: 2006

ISBN: 978-3-540-29969-1

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Considerable progress has been made in various fields of oculoplastic surgery, e.g. the development of endoscopic transcanalicular as well as endonasal minimal invasive techniques in lacrimal surgery, the use of muscle pedunculated scleral flaps to improve implant motility without pegging. This extraordinary volume enhances your understanding of Graves’ ophthalmopathy and helps you to define situations suitable for radiotherapy and more differentiated surgical strategies such as orbital fat resection, balance bony decompression and lid lengthening procedures. It exemplifies progress in aesthetic surgery such as endoscopic brow lift and soft techniques for mid-face rejuvenation and discusses general risks of infectious disease transmission using allografts as well as current concepts in the management of conjunctival neoplasms.

Subject: Medicine, Allografts, Congenital clinical anopthalmos, Endonasal DCR, Eyelid malpositions, Graves Disease, Implants in lacrimal surgery, Lasers in ophthalmic plastic surgery, Microendoscopic techniques, Microsurgery, Muscle pedunculated flaps, Neoplasms, Oculoplastics, Orbit, Sentinel node biopsy, Thyroid Ophthalmolopathy, Upper eyelid bleparoplasty