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Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Ischemic Stroke

Publish Date: 2006

ISBN: 978-3-540-27738-5

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The imaging of stroke has undergone significant changes owing to the rapid progress in imaging technology. This volume, comprising three parts, is designed to provide a comprehensive summary of the current role of MR imaging in patients with ischemic stroke. The first part outlines the clinical presentations of stroke and discusses the diagnostic efficacy and therapeutic impact of MR imaging. The second and third parts form the core of the volume, and are based on a novel approach in that the topic is presented from two very different viewpoints. Part 2 provides a detailed presentation of the distinguishing features of stroke from the radiologist's perspective. By contrast, part 3 addresses the needs of the clinician, documenting specific stroke syndromes and their correlates on MR imaging. The overall aim has been to create a well-illustrated volume with broad appeal that links pathology, radiology and stroke medicine in an informative manner.

Subject: Medicine, MR imaging, MR spectroscopy, anatomy, brain, brain infarct, ischemic stroke, magnetic resonance, magnetic resonance imaging, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), necrosis, radiology, stroke, stroke medicine