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Les cancers ovariens

Publish Date: 2006

ISBN: 978-2-287-30921-2

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This collective work deals with ovarian cancers and their therapeutic management. Besides the epithelial tumors which are the most frequent, the rarer tumors, with attenuated malignancy, germ cells or of the ovarian stroma are also studied. Specialists from multiple backgrounds each deliver in their field the most recent knowledge on the fundamental aspects of the disease, its genetic, epidemiological and prognostic characteristics and its pathological peculiarities. Modern means of diagnosis are presented. The surgical technique, including laparoscopy, is detailed at the different stages of the disease. The therapeutic strategy aims to position the surgery and chemotherapy according to the stage. The current place of radiotherapy and isotopic therapies is indicated. Some more specific aspects are discussed, screening, lymph node dissection, the “second look”, intraperitoneal chemotherapy with or without hyperthermia, treatment of the elderly, monitoring after treatment… as well as the emergence of targeted therapies.

Subject: Medicine, Surgery, Tumor, Chirurgie, Surgery, Dépistage, Screening, Génetique, Genetic, Oncologie, Oncology, Ovaire, Ovary, Radiothérapie, Radiotherapy