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Optimized Bayesian Dynamic Advising

Publish Date: 2006

ISBN: 978-1-84628-254-6

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Written by one of the world’s leading groups in the area of Bayesian identification, control and decision making, this book provides the theoretical and algorithmic basis of optimized probabilistic advising. Starting from abstract ideas and formulations, and culminating in detailed algorithms, Optimized Bayesian Dynamic Advising comprises a unified treatment of an important problem of the design of advisory systems supporting supervisors of complex processes. It introduces the theoretical and algorithmic basis of developed advising, relying on novel and powerful combination black-box modeling by dynamic mixture models and fully probabilistic dynamic optimization. The proposed non-standard problem formulation and its solution mark a significant contribution to the design of anthropocentric automation systems.

Subject: Computer Science, Approximation, Support of operators of complex processes, algorithms, biological sciences, biomedical engineering, cognition, control, control engineering, information, learning, modeling, optimization, pattern, pattern recognition, uncertainty