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Information Security and Privacy

Publish Date: 2001

ISBN: 978-3-540-47719-8

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A Few Thoughts on E-Commerce.- New CBC-MAC Forgery Attacks.- Cryptanalysis of a Public Key Cryptosystem Proposed at ACISP 2000.- Improved Cryptanalysis of the Self-Shrinking Generator.- Attacks Based on Small Factors in Various Group Structures.- On Classifying Conference Key Distribution Protocols.- Pseudorandomness of MISTY-Type Transformations and the Block Cipher KASUMI.- New Public-Key Cryptosystem Using Divisor Class Groups.- First Implementation of Cryptographic Protocols Based on Algebraic Number Fields.- Practical Key Recovery Schemes.- Non-deterministic Processors.- Personal Secure Booting.- Evaluation of Tamper-Resistant Software Deviating from Structured Programming Rules.- A Strategy for MLS Workflow.- Condition-Driven Integration of Security Services.- SKETHIC: Secure Kernel Extension against Trojan Horses with Informat ion-Carrying Codes.- Secure and Private Distribution of Online Video and Some Related Cryptographic Issues.- Private Information Retrieval Based on the Subgroup Membership Problem.

Subject: Computer Science, Anonymity, Cryptanalysis, Cryptographic Protocols, Cryptography, Cryptology, Electronic Commerce, Information Security, Public Key Cryptography, Secure Networks, Systems Security, data security, digital, information, privacy