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Hop Integrity in the Internet

Publish Date: 2006

ISBN: 978-0-387-29444-5

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Hop Integrity in the Internet introduces a new security defense, hop integrity, that can be used against denial-of-service attacks in the Internet. A suite of protocols for providing hop integrity in the Internet is discussed in great detail. In particular, each protocol in this suite is specified and verified using an abstract and formal notation, called the Secure Protocol Notation. There are five protocols in this suite: - A secure address resolution protocol - A light-weight key update protocol - A protocol for computing and verifying message digests - An anti-replay protocol that uses soft sequence numbers - An anti-replay protocol that uses hard sequence numbers In addition, other benefits of hop integrity extend to secure routing, mobile IP, and IP multicast.

Subject: Computer Science, Hop, Host, Internet, Routing, online, router, security