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Engineering Self-Organising Systems (vol. # 3910)

Publish Date: 2006

ISBN: 978-3-540-33352-4

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This book contains recent work from a broad range of areas with the common theme of utilising self-organisation productively. As distributed information infrastructures continue to spread (such as the Internet, wireless and mobile systems), new challenges have arisen demanding robust and scalable solutions. In these new challenging environments the - signers and engineers of global applications and services can seldom rely on centralised control or management, high reliability of devices, or secure en- ronments. At the other end of the scale, ad-hoc sensor networks and ubiquitous computing devices are making it possible to embed millions of smart computing agents into the local environment.

Subject: Computer Science, Constraint Satisfaction, P2P systems, ad-hoc networking, adaptive systems, algorithms, distributed systems, emergent behavior, evolutionary engineering, modeling, multi-agent coordination, multi-agent system, multi-agent systems, peer-to-peer computing, programming, virtual machine