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Declarative Agent Languages and Technologies III

Publish Date: 2006

ISBN: 978-3-540-33107-0

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The workshop on Declarative Agent Languages and Technologies is a we- established venue for researchers interested in sharing their experiences in the areas of declarative and formal aspects of agents and multi-agent systems, and in engineering and technology. Today it is still a challenge to develop techno- gies that can satisfy the requirements of complex agent systems. The design and development of multi-agent systems still calls for models and technologies that ensure predictability, enable feature discovery, allow for the veri?cation of properties, and guarantee ?exibility. Declarative approaches are potentially a valuable means for satisfying the needs of multi-agent system developers and for specifying multi-agent systems.

Subject: Computer Science, agent communication, agent cooperation, agent coordination, agent reasoning, agent systems design, agent systems specification, agent verification, agents, autonomous agents, knowledge, knowledge representation, logic programming, machine learning, modeling, multi-agent system