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Stanford University

Publish Date: 2006

ISBN: 978-1-56898-664-7

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During the almost thousand-year history of universities, campuses have always been physical spaces. As we end the twentieth century, some univ- sity interactions have moved to cyberspace and the level of activity there grows at a breathtaking speed. At this stage of development, however, the university is still localized in time and space.The university as a place has found its most striking expression in the Anglo-Saxon world. Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard,William and Mary,Yale, Princeton,Virginia, and Stanford are all physical places, campuses to which students remove th- selves for a number of years.They are also places students feel connected with for the rest of their lives. For alumni, memories of their colleges or universities clearly include the physical setting and the architecture or architectures that make up the campuses.

Subject: Architecture and Design, Alma mater, Alumni, Cambridge, Campus, Oxford, Stanford University, architecture, education, environment, university