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Ecological Risks Associated with the Destruction of Chemical Weapons

Publication year: 2006

ISBN: 978-1-4020-3137-3

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Chemical Weapons Convention after the First Review Conference -- Implementation of Russia’s Obligation to Destroy chemical Weapons in the Udmurt Republic -- The CWC after the Review Conference . Prof. Dr. Vladimir Mikhailovitsh Kolodkin , Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Ruck 1 Institute of Natural and Technogenic Disasters, Udmurt State University, Izhevsk (Russia), 2 Institute of Ecology and Environmental Chemistry, University Lüneburg (Germany) During the Cold War a whole arsenal of deadly chemical weapons was allowed to build up on both sides of the ideological divide. Happily, today the problems are reversed. Expertise is now required in the field of safe and environment-friendly disposal of chemical weapons and cleaning up of contaminated sites all around the world, but not least in the ex-Soviet-led countries. In all, there were 57 participants, of which 11 dispatched from the TACIS project “The development of the chemical weapons” facility at the detached plant No 4 of OAO Khimprom, Novocheboksarsk.

Subject: Chemistry and Materials Science, WHO, combustion, contaminants, ecosystem, ecosystems, environment, environmental contamination, human health, natural ecosystems, risk assessment, safety, toxicity