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Stock Market Anomalies

Publish Date: 2006

ISBN: 978-3-8350-9103-0

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Interest in the Latin American emerging markets (LAEM) has increased considerably in recent years. It is often claimed that they have to pay a price for being too different from developed markets, i.e. for having weak institutions, failed macroeconomic programs, political instability. The book explores three sets of questions: " What are the investment laws in the LAEM and how do they compare to those of developed countries? " How heterogeneous are the implicit trading costs in the LAEM and which factors are responsible for the heterogeneity? " How does the predictability of stock returns in the LAEM differ from those documented for developed markets?

Subject: Business and Economics, CAPM, Country risk, Investment laws, Latin American stock markets, Stock Markets, Stock market, Stock market anomalies, Trading, Trading infrastructure, stock returns