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Soft Computing for Complex Multiple Criteria Decision Making

Publication year: 2006

ISBN: 978-0-387-30177-8

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There are numerous books on Multiple Criteria Decision Making. Soft Computing for Complex Multiple Criteria Decision Making concentrates on providing technical (meaning formal, mathematical, algorithmical) tools to make the user of Multiple Criteria Decision Making methodologies independent of bulky optimization computations. These bulky computations up to now have been a necessary, but limiting, characteristic of interactive MCDM methodologies and algorithms. This book removes these limitations of MCDM problems by reducing a problem's computational complexity. The book systematically applies the approximate — soft — treatments to major MCDM solving methodologies. As a result, it provides a wider and more functional general framework for presenting, teaching, implementing and applying a wide range of MCDM methodologies. The book seeks to provide a stimulus for a broader development and application of MCDM methods.

Subject: Business and Economics, Kaliszewski, MCDM, algorithm, algorithms, complexity, computing, multiple criteria decision making, optimization