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Practical Fruits of Econophysics

Publication year: 2006

ISBN: 978-4-431-28915-9

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Some economic phenomena are predictable and controllable, and some are impos­ sible to foresee. Existing economic theories do not provide satisfactory answers as to what degree economic phenomena can be predicted and controlled, and in what situations. Against this background, people working on the financial front lines in real life have to rely on empirical rules based on experiments that often lack a solid foundation. "Econophysics" is a new science that analyzes economic phenomena empirically from a physical point of view, and it is being studied mainly to offer scientific, objective and significant answers to such problems. This book is the proceedings of the third Nikkei symposium on ''Practical Fruits of Econophysics

Subject: Business and Economics, Economics, Econophysics, Econophysics data analysis, Financial Technology, Physics, Statistics, agents