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Negotiations with Asymmetrical Distribution of Power

Publication year: 2006

ISBN: 978-3-7908-1744-7

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In many ways, complex negotiations shape the business arena of regulated network markets. In general, negotiating partners are not equal with regard to their various sources and instruments of power. This book unfolds a differentiated and, at the same time, applicable framework for analyzing and managing negotiations. It creatively combines power and negotiations theories. In addition, it illustrates the findings in a very inspiring way by investigating negotiation episodes in network industries such as telecommunications and railways. Thus, this book is highly relevant for all those wanting to better understand the complex political processes and outcomes in regulated industries, but also for those bearing practical responsibility in regulatory and government affairs and wanting to improve their management performance.

Subject: Business and Economics, ADR, Conflict Resolution, Negotations, Network Industries, Power, Rail, Telecommuncations, Transportation, communication, telecommunications