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Artificial Life Models in Software

Publication year: 2005

ISBN: 978-1-84628-214-0

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Artificial Life Models in Software presents software tools, environments and realities dealing with creation, imitation and analysis of artefactual, virtual and living forms, written by those who personally design and produce software, hardware and art installations in artificial life, simulated complex systems and virtual worlds. This timely volume offers a nearly exhaustive overview and original analysis of major non-profit artificial life software packages. The carefully selected topics include: · simulation of real and imaginary life forms and their evolution · self-organization · emergent behaviours · swarm intelligence · evolutionary robotics · agent-based simulations · adaptive, complex and biologically inspired ecosystems · creative computer art There has long been a need within the academic and research community for an informal introduction and guidance to modern software tools for modelling and simulation of life-like phenomena – Artificial Life Models in Software fills this gap and provides invaluable information to both professional and amateur readers, offering detailed reviews of contemporary software for artificial life.

Subject: Computer Science, artificial life, automata, behavior, biologically inspired, complex system, computer, design, evolution, intelligence, modeling, robot, robotics, simulation, software, system modeling