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Ultrathin Magnetic Structures I

Publication year: 2005

ISBN: 978-3-540-27232-8

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The ability to understand and control the unique properties of interfaces has created an entirely new field of magnetism, with profound impact in technology and serving as the basis for a revolution in electronics. Understanding of the physics of magnetic nanostructures has also advanced significantly. This rapid development has generated a need for a comprehensive treatment that can serve as an introduction to the field for those entering it from diverse fields, but which will also serve as a timely overview for those already working in this area. The four-volume work "Ultra-Thin Magnetic Structures" aims to fulfill this dual need. The original two volumes – now available once more – are "An Introduction to the Electronic, Magnetic and Structural Properties" (this volume) and "Measurement Techniques and Novel Magnetic Properties." Two new volumes, "Fundamentals of Nanomagnetism" and "Applications of Nanomagnetism," extend and complete this comprehensive work by presenting the foundations of spintronics.

Subject: Chemistry and Materials Science, characterization techniques, epitaxial growth, giant magnetoresistance, magnetic anisotropies, magnetic coupling, development, electronics, magnetism, magnetization, measurement techniques, nanostructure, spintronics