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Analysis and Synthesis of Logics : How to Cut and Paste Reasoning Systems

Publication year: 2008

ISBN: 978-1-4020-6782-2

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Starting with simple examples showing the relevance of cutting and pasting logics, the monograph develops a mathematical theory of combining and decomposing logics, ranging from propositional and first-order based logics to higher-order based logics as well as to non-truth functional logics. The theory covers mechanisms for combining semantic structures and deductive systems either of the same or different nature (for instance, two Hilbert calculi or a Hilbert calculus and a tableau calculus). The important issue of preservation of properties is extensively addressed. For instance, sufficient conditions are provided for a combined logic to be sound and complete when the original component logics are known to be sound and complete.

Subject: Mathematics and Statistics, Argumentation Theory, Combination of logics, Decomposition of logics, Fibring of logics, Network fibring, Preservation of properties, logic, mathematical logic, predicate logic