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Valuation in Life Sciences

Publication year: 2008

ISBN: 978-3-540-78248-3

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Valuation is a hot topic among life sciences professionals. There is no clear understanding on how to use the different valuation approaches and how to determine input parameters. Some do not value at all, arguing that it is not possible to get realistic and objective numbers out of it. Some claim it to be an art. In the following chapters we will provide the user with a concise val- tion manual, providing transparency and practical insight for all dealing with valuation in life sciences: project and portfolio managers, licensing executives, business developers, technology transfer managers, entrep- neurs, investors, and analysts. The purpose of the book is to explain how to apply discounted cash flow and real options valuation to life sciences p- jects, i.e. to license contracts, patents, and firms. We explain the fun- mentals and the pitfalls with case studies so that the reader is capable of performing the valuations on his own and repeat the theory in the exercises and case studies.

Subject: Business and Economics, Biotech, Cash-flow, Computerassistierte Detektion, Medtech, Pharma, Radiologieinformationssystem, Real Options, Valuation, Venture Capital, biotechnology, life sciences