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Forensic Ethics and the Expert Witness

: 2007

: 978-0-387-35383-8


The expert witness’ job is often described as a balancing act: duty to clients on the one hand, duty to society on the other. Forensic Ethics and the Expert Witness probes beyond this familiar conflict of interest framework to present a new, innovative model of professional ethics. Richly illustrated with cases from medicine, psychiatry, and law, this elegantly written volume examines the common moral ground that links these usually separate domains, and relates forensic ethics to larger concepts of morality and justice. In this integrative approach, the expert witness is redefined as one who can balance professional with societal and personal codes in what the authors call "robust professionalism."

: Behavioral Science, Encounter, Ethics Codes, Forensic Psychiatry, ethics, justice, law, morality, psychiatry, psychology, will