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Ossigenoterapia domiciliare a lungo termine in Italia : Il valore aggiunto della telemedicina

: 2006

: 978-88-470-0463-4


The development of new therapeutic strategies and the minimization of direct and indirect costs are fundamental objectives in the management of chronic diseases, especially when they are characterized by a high degree of disability. This volume describes the evolution of intervention strategies in the home management of chronic respiratory failure in Italy from the late 1980s to today: numerous topics are explored, including epidemiology, complications, oxygen delivery systems and interfaces, the patient-caregiver relationship and the various aspects relating to the economic impact of the disease. In particular, the most recent trends in telemedicine are analyzed, considered the strategy of the future in the field of respiratory medicine and especially in the management of patients in home oxygen therapy. The various chapters also report the most recent data on the role of nursing and on the quality of life of chronic respiratory patients at home, also taking into consideration the expectations of individual patients, their families and their doctors. Finally, both the socio-economic impact of the telematic management of these patients and the aspects related to the quality pathways in long-term telemetry home oxygen therapy were taken into consideration.

: Medicine, Assistenza, Support, Costi sociali, Social costs, Insufficienza respiratoria cronica, Chronic respiratory failure, Nursing, Radiologie informations system, Radiology informations system, Rapporto con il care-giver, Relationship with the care-giver, Telemedicine