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Il metodo clinico rivisitato : Lezioni e seminari di clinica medica

: 2006

: 978-88-470-0453-5


This volume, dedicated to medical students who live the exciting moment of initiation into the medical profession, is structured in eleven didactic modules, which are developed according to the typical sequence of problem solving revised in the light of the EBM method (presentation of problem, formulation and testing of hypotheses, formulation of clinical and background questions, comparison with international literature, answer to questions, application to the clinical case and possible formulation of recommendations for practice, case management). Linked to them are eight in-depth analyzes structured as compendia of evidence (Evidence compendia, in the style of Clinical Evidence), in which a series of background questions relating to complex pathologies, of high prevalence and of considerable interest for the hospital internist and of the territory. Although fundamentally designed for teaching, the book can also be a useful tool for all those who practice medicine by placing the man with his disease at the center of the diagnostic-therapeutic procedure.

: Medicine, Educazione continua in medicina, Continuing education in medicine, Medicina basta sull'evidenza, Evidence-based medicine, Medicina interna, Internal medicine