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Malattie dellapparato respiratorio

: 2006

: 978-88-470-0467-2


This book reports the status of the art of the community more diseases of the respiratory apparatus. The first part is dedicated to the anatomy of the lung, to the regulation of the respiration and to the respiratory mechanics, follows the functionalities of the respiratory pain and the invasive and non-invasive diagnosis, including the diagnosis per imaging in pneumology. Nella description of the particular malattie importance of this date in the chiarire the "perché" of the diversi symptoms and according to the clinical practice within the therapeutic approach, confronted with te international guideline, with the communication of the vast experience of the clinic of the author. The main objective of this book is that the recent acquisition of the physiology, pathophysiology and clinic of the respiratory system, including non-invasive mechanical ventilation, oxygen therapy and respiratory rehabilitation, and combining a clear description from the respiratory pathophysiology with emphasis on its clinical application. The volume is aimed both at students of the specialist degree course in medicine and surgery, and at specialists in diseases of the respiratory system. It also represents a valid reference for the general medicine doctor, above all when the last intention will increase the proprietary knowledge of clinics, diagnosis and therapy in the sector of the respiratory pathology, branch that always is often shared by the doctor and the specialist in the risoluzione of almost anche molto complessi.

: Medicine, Apparato respiratorio, Respiratory system, Malattie respiratorie, Respiratory diseases, Ossigenoterapia, Oxygen therapy, Ventilazione meccanica non invasiva, Non-invasive mechanical ventilation