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Les cancers digestifs

: 2006

: 978-2-287-30874-1


Digestive tumors are among the most common malignant tumors and represent a major public health problem. This is one of the areas that has evolved the most in recent years in oncology due to significant progress in diagnostic strategies and therapeutic management. It seems essential that this progress be implemented in the daily practice of physicians treating these tumors. This book, the result of multidisciplinary work, provides a practical and up-to-date approach to the management of malignant digestive tumors. The first chapters are devoted to general and original subjects such as epidemiology, genetics, the management of elderly subjects. A second part approaches in a pragmatic and practical way the principles of diagnostic and therapeutic management by localization. A third part, devoted to the practical realization of chemotherapy, takes stock of new therapeutic approaches, oral or locoregional chemotherapy. Finally, the last part of the book is dedicated to digestive cancer emergencies and the palliative management of these tumors.

: Medicine, Cancers digestifs, Digestive cancers, Carcinoma, Diagnostic, Pronostic, Prognosis, Traitement, Treatment, épidémiologie, Epidemiology