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Model-Driven Architecture - Foundations and Applications

: 2006

: 978-3-540-35910-4


The goal of the European Conference on Model-Driven Architecture — Foundations and Applications (ECMDA-FA) is to bring together industry and academia to tackle the problems in model-driven development. This volume includes 18 foundation papers and 12 application papers, which is a fine balance between both worlds. ECMDA-FA 2006 also hosted six workshops on both theoretical and practical aspects of MDA. Furthermore, the keynote speakers, David Frankel and Bran Selic, from some of the world’s largest IT companies proved that industry is very much involved in MDA. This second ECMDA-FA conference is the result of the work of the authors who submitted a total of 78 papers, the Program Committee members who took the effort to review the papers, the people organizing the workshops, and of course the Steering Committee. All in all, several hundreds of people have worked hard to make this conference a success.

: Computer Science, Eclipse Modeling Framework, MAS, MDA, Ruby, Unified Modeling Language (UML), architecture, component-based systems, configuration, distributed systems, embedded systems, high level softwrae languages, logic, metamodelling, model transformation, modeling