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Information Systems Reengineering and Integration

: 2006

: 978-1-84628-619-3


This text takes a practical approach to re-engineering existing systems and looks at data integration, and focuses on proven methods and tools for: •the conversion of hierarchical or network database systems into relational database technology, or from relational to object-oriented and XML databases •the integration of database systems and expert systems to produce MIS and EIS systems Taking a very practical approach, the book describes in detail database conversion techniques, reverse engineering and forward engineering, and re-engineering methodology for information systems, offering a systematic software engineering approach for reusing existing database systems built with "old" technology. Many examples, illustrations and case studies are used, making the methodology easy to follow.

: Computer Science, Extensible Markup Language (XML), XML, computer, database, database systems, databases, information system, relational database, software engineering