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High Performance Computing

: 2002

: 978-3-540-47847-8


The objective of this symposium is to exchange the latest research results in software, architecture, and applications in HPC in a more informal and friendly atmosphere. I am delighted that the symposium is, like past successful ISHPCs, comprised of excellent invited talks, panels, workshops, as well as high-quality technical papers on various aspects of HPC. We hope that the symposium will provide an excellent opportunity for lively exchange and discussion about - rections in HPC technologies and all the participants will enjoy not only the symposium but also their stay in Kansai Science City.

: Computer Science, Cluster, Computational Science, Data Parallel Programming, Distributed Systems, High-Performance Computing, High-Performance Computing Architectures, High-Performance Fortran, Network Computing, PMD, Simulation, algorithms, data structures, genetic algorithms, load balancing, programming